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The famous Rock-Paper-Scissors-Well on a gameboard (like Chess or Checkers).The player who reaches his opponents baseline with any of his tokens first or alternatively takes all his opponent´s tokens wins the game.
Both players take it in turns to move one of their tokens one square at a time in any direction - just like the king at Chess.
Capturing a token is defined by the known rules:- Rock takes scissors (grinds scissors),- Scissors takes paper (cuts paper),- Paper takes rock and well (wrapps rock and covers the well),- Well takes rock and scissors (both falling into the well)
Game modes:- against online opponent (7 leagues)- against computer (7 different levels)- 2 players - 1 screen (practice or human vs. human) Just lay your smartphone on the table
Improve your stats and achievementsAfter at least 10 matches against a certain level you can see your victories in percent.